Post lockdown whirlwind!

πŸŒͺ What a wonderful whirlwind the past couple of months have been since opening post ‘lockdown 3’ 2021!!Β 

πŸ’• We are all so happy to be back and doing what we love. Our work really is about purpose, and client relationships πŸ™Œ

βœ‚οΈIn the first 4 weeks from reopening on 12 April…we had 544 visits! Broken down, that’ was: 429 haircuts; 34 balayages; 38 highlights and 123 treatments.πŸ”₯ Lots of beautiful hair!Β 

πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈWe’ve noticed that this has been such an opportunity for clients to try a new look, and have a fresh start after growing their hair over lockdown (the only silver lining!) 

πŸ’š We understand that hair is such a huge part of our identity, and helps us express ourselves in society. We are here to help you reach that vision. 

πŸ‘‚ We listen. Care. Ensure the right results. 

☎️ We are now starting to see spaces coming back, so book in quickly via our webpage πŸ–Š We can’t wait to see you!πŸ‘