Established in 2014 we offer haircuts and colour in front of art. There have been 35 exhibitions, 23 new commissions and over 20 public programme events, some off-site and a number in collaboration with both national and international partner organisations incl South London Gallery, Nottingham Contemporary, Glasgow International, Civic Barnsley, Wysing Arts Centre, MAMA Rotterdam and Entree Bergen.


DKUK has worked to make the discussion around art more everyday, whilst sustaining a thriving creative community by commissioning new work and training artists as hairdressers. DKUK has created 7 full time jobs all lasting at least one year and up to 3. Three artists have been registered on Hairdressing GNVQ’s, over 20 freelance creatives employed and over 50 artists commissioned. 2019 saw a major relocation from Holdrons Arcade, to our new home at Queens Rd Peckham. The space was designed by architect Sam Jacobs. Through his design all forms of artistic labour were given equal visibility.


Since then our reach has substantially grown and projects have been more ambitious. Our audience spans hair clients, exhibition viewers and those that engage with our online content, such the DKUK podcast and our online gallery. We can no longer welcome viewers into our Queens rd space so we hope this digital gallery will mean we can continue to grow our art audience.






  • 2853 haircut service completed 12 months average time spent with artwork > 1 hour
  • 4840 social media followers
  • 113 podcast downloads (last 90 days)
  • 2443 home page views(last 90 days)

of 78 surveyed clients:

  • 23% are creative professionals
  • 80% said they discovered new artists
  • 93% said DKUK had improved their general mood