‘I cut people’s hair in front of art’ in the Financial Times

Now I run a salon in Peckham where I cut people’s hair while they look at artworks instead of looking into a mirror. I’ve tried to make it a 50/50 salon and gallery.

I see it as a new model for showing the work of interesting artists to people who would never go into a gallery. They come in for a haircut and end up spending an hour with some quite challenging art. The art is definitely not here as decoration. The artist we’re showing is given complete control over the environment — everything except the sink.

Working without a mirror is a bit weird to get used to as a hairdresser, but everyone says it’s more relaxing. Once the client sits down, they forget about the haircut. The art takes them out of the situation — even people who are nervous…

The project has been well received in the art world, and it is nice to get feedback, but ultimately what drives me is showing the work to new people. The next step is getting a bigger shop on the high street. I went into business without a business plan but I think the potential is incredibly exciting.

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