Have you ever had your hair cut in front of art?

We offer hair cuts in front of art rather than mirrors!

Going to a new salon or getting or hair cuts can be a very stressful experience. But at DKUK we are trying to redefine that experience and make getting hair cuts and colours more relaxing. For example, we don’t have any mirrors on our walls. Instead we show artwork. When you come for your appointment we will give you a leaflet with will explain the artwork you will be looking at. The only time we use mirrors is during your consultation and at end of your appointment so you can see the final look. Otherwise we put the mirrors away.

Some people love to have a chat at our Salon but we don’t want people to feel pressured into talking. So we offer Talk Free Cuts. This means whether you are getting a lengthy colour done or a really simple cut your stylist can left you in silence. Then you have space to scroll on your phone, read or enjoy the artwork.

Hopefully all these things make people a lot more comfortable. We are located on Queens road in Peckham.
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