What’s the atmosphere like in your hair salon?

DKUK TikTok – What’s the atmosphere like in your Salon?

TikTok audio script: What is the atmosphere like in your Salon? We found that most of our new client come to DKUK, as they didn’t like the atmosphere of their last Salon. So what makes our Salon to welcoming and relaxing?

We are a no-mirrors Salon. People go to the hair-salon for many reason. One of the biggest being to feel good about themselves. But only 5% of our new clients surveyed said they enjoyed sitting in front of a mirror when they’re getting their hair cut. Staring at your appreciate for an extended period, under harsh lighting, with wet hair, can have awful for your mental health. So instead we offer accessible Art exhibitions.

Our unique architecture! WE are lucky enough to be an open plan, south facing Salon. Which mans we are flooded with natural lighting. This gives you a permanent golden hour. Which is great for showing off your new colour. Sunlight is also great fro you mantle well-being. It brightens our salon and your mood.

Our great consumer service! We are a friendly team at DKUK, who celebrate all personality types. Although we love having a chat with our clients. We prioritise making everyone feel welcome and commutable in our space. So there is never any pressure to talk, or live up to the chatty client expectation. Do whatever makes you feel good. You can even book in a ‘Talk Free haircut’.

We specialise in Curly hair! This is Idi our permenent curly hair specialist. She has taught al offer percent staff her expertise. All hair appointments start off with an in-depth hair consultation with your hairstylist to collaborate on the perfect style for you. We can give you personalised advice on all hair types and textures.

We are an inclusive, gender neutral salon! DKUK is here for all hair textures and styles and our pricing is gender neutral. Avoiding any uncomfortable or invasive questions. We strive to be a friendly and educational salon creating beautiful cuts and colours.

DKUK is for anyone ready so switch their Salon for an endeavour of new art, better hair and intriguing ideas. If you don’t believe us come and see for yourself.

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