Rosa’s guidance into the grey


Are your silvery roots coming through ? We have soooo many clients sit in our chairs and ask for advice on what to do with their colour. Embrace the greys? Cover them? Add even more grey? What to do, what to do…. 

While embracing the grey and going lighter can be liberating the most natural sounding, it is actually one of the biggest changes you can make to your hair, especially when there is dye present. We must use bleach to lift out any artificial colour and as well as the natural pigment. While the grey hairs themselves aren’t hard to lift, any dark hair in between will first go orange before reaching a level light enough to tone to white. Depending on the hair colour and texture, the result will vary and you may have to bleach more than once.

Even if you lift to the lightest possible shade, no toner is truly permanent so you will always fade back to warm, which will contrast with your naturally cooler roots. 

So, you don’t want to bleach but are sick of that regrowth line. Where do you stand?

A lovely option to go for is a few lowlights, permanent or semi, depending how much coverage you’re after. This way you can leave the more fragile ends untouched, while the darker colour is brought up in foils. By switching to lowlights and only covering a percentage of the hair, you avoid the harsh grow out from a full head tint 😀

You could let this fully grow out or keep it up depending on your end goal


above, we talked about subtly blending through some lowlights to break up the most silvery areas. Today, we will take a slightly different approach. Often, people sit in my chair and say “Rosa, I love my greys and don’t want them covered, but how can I spice up my life and my hair colour?”

99 percent of the time, I will suggest adding a panel of some kind. These will work nicely on LITERALLY every person no matter the hair type or style since we can customise the size, shape, foiling pattern and colour! 

For example, this client wants to make their natural greys stand out, wears mostly black or bright reds, and enjoys wearing chunky jewellery and platform shoes. To compliment this, we added a solid blue black panel at the fringe. The lighter greys next to the dark black means they really stand out and shine. We chose a chunky fringe panel to add a sense of edginess and have some of that gorgeous black next to our clients eyes.

Alternatively, you could go for a much more subtle approach by placing the panel away from the hairline or weaving the sections to keep it blended through. 

Personally, my favourite colours for this service are black, cyclamen and khaki greens.

What would you get??