Some info for you about our new Covid-19 regulations

What we ask from our lovely clients…

Please be on time

It is important that we have time to clean between appointments and this is only possible when we keep to a strict schedule, please also see our Late Policy and note that cancellations due to Covid-19 are exempt. 

Please wear a mask

To keep us all safe, we will be wearing visors and type 2 surgical masks. We are asking all clients to wear a face covering during their appointment and can provide disposable masks for anyone who needs one.

If you would like to wear your own mask, please make sure it is one with ear-loops that does not tie around the back of your head or neck; this way we can access your hair freely.

Please don’t bring anyone else

Unfortunately, to avoid congestion we can only allow those who have appointments to wait in the salon.

Bring your own reading materials (or hot drinks)

In the interest of hygiene sadly our usual selection of magazines and teas are no longer available. We now offer bottles of still or sparkling water but if you would like a coffee/tea or something to read, you are welcome to bring one along with you.

We are currently donating our quarantined stock of magazines to clients so you can read one during your appointment and then take it home. You can still buy our boxes of Dalgety tea to enjoy at home too!

Only pay with card or contactless

We will only be accepting card payments for the time being. Where possible, we will be asking clients to use contactless payment. It’s also good to note that with Apple and Google pay there is no maximum limit.

Donate £3

We have added an additional £3 COVID-19 surge charge to each of our services. This is optional so please ask if you would like to opt out. Funds go towards PPE, cleaning products and staff wages for extra time worked.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe…


We are wearing visors masks and changing into protective boiler suits and seperate work shoes at the beginning of every shift. Our boiler suits stay at work and are washed at 60 degrees at the end of each day.

Only clean items in the space (including hands and hair!)

This means all coats and bags are left at reception and we ask that phones, books or anything you might like during the appointment to be cleaned with our anti-bacterial wipes on arrival. Everyone must sanitise their hands at our cleaning stations and have their hair washed before their haircut.

Cleaning and Distancing

Each of our chairs is 2 meters apart and is cleaned after each appointment. All our tools are kept in Barbicide and all scissors and brushes sanitised after every use; we will also no longer be sharing hairdressing kits.

Gowns and towels are washed at 60 degrees after each client and one use eco-friendly disposable towels are used after hair washing. Touch points are cleaned throughout the day and we have a one way system to lower congestion.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our regulations, if you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.

Love from your ever grateful DKUK team.