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A visit to the hairdressers should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience but, all too often, it can leave you feeling a little anxious and overwhelmed.  With this in mind, DKUK in Peckham has created a safe place where everyone is welcome and made to feel completely comfortable.

We have redefined the hairdressing experience to make it more relaxing for you - an inclusive and welcoming space where you can get your hair done without having to sit in front of a mirror.   Yes, that's right - we've replaced mirrors with artwork.

We have been creating great hair in front of art since 2014 and our smiley team is here to offer you help, advice and guidance. So why not book a cut, colour or consultation with us by calling 020 3609 0920 or book securely online. We can't wait to welcome you.

Anxiety-Free Hairdressing At DKUK

So, how have we achieved anxiety-free hairdressing... and what makes us different from the rest of the salons in London or... dare we say... the world!?



We are lucky enough to have an open plan, south-facing salon which is flooded with natural lighting. This gives you a permanent golden hour which is great for showing off your new hair colour. Sunlight is also great for your mental well-being. It brightens our salon and your mood. On top of that, we also have a skilled team of friendly, qualified stylists and colour technicians who celebrate all personality types and are here for all hair textures and styles including curly afro hair.  No idea is too outrageous or ‘boring’, and no question is too silly. 

We asked our clients how they felt about the mirror at the salon.

10% said they enjoy sitting in front of it
30% said they were uncomfortable with it
60% said they were indifferent


We know many people want a haircut but don't want to worry about how they look in the mirror, especially when you're sat under harsh lighting, with wet hair.  Indeed, sitting in front of a mirror for extended periods can have a negative effect on some people's mental health.  The great news is that our stylists have years of experience in cutting hair without a mirror so we know how to make sure you always leave looking your best. We will work around you, spinning the chair and carefully inspecting your hair from every angle.

mirror-less hairdressers in peckham
gender neutral hairdressers in Peckham at DKUK


Your service will start with a mirror which enables your stylist to do a thorough 7-step consultation to help you visualise the end result. Once trust is established and the haircut agreed, you will be taken to the backwash for your shampoo and optional head massage. You will then be led back to your styling area where the haircut will begin. It will be expertly cut by your stylist who will work around you leaving you to admire the art that sits on our walls instead of mirrors. Once the service is complete a mirror will be bought over where you can offer any feedback on the haircut and the stylist can make any adjustments. If, at any time, you would like to check the progress of the cut, we are happy to bring over a mirror. We like to think of this as a first draft, giving you space to contribute and collaborate with your stylist. Hey presto, a great haircut without the pain of staring at yourself in unflattering light for an hour or so.

77% of our clients say they enjoyed the mirror-less hair experience more than their typical salon visit.


Some people hate going to the hairdressers because of the thought of having to make 'small talk'. Maybe you are having a difficult week and just want to enjoy your hair appointment in silence. Or maybe you have a book you’ve been struggling to read and the chance to sit in a stylist's chair is going to encourage you to finally start reading!  Whatever your reason, none of our styling team will be offended if you say you'd rather sit quietly while we work our magic on your locks.  Talk-free haircuts can be booked online or simply give us a call and request a talk-free haircut.

silent haircuts in Peckham at DKUK
Art Hairdressers in Peckham at DKUK Salon


Instead of mirrors, we showcase artwork from artists. When you arrive, we will give you an information leaflet which explains the artwork on display.  We work with all sorts of artists and have had the pleasure to partner with many Queer artists such as Marijke De Roover and Sade Mica. You can check out their work on our archive or listen to our podcast where we interview artists while giving them a haircut!  We’re non-judgemental and happy to take your lead when it comes to the artwork on display.  You may be an arts professional looking for an in-depth discussion on the current exhibition, or a complete newbie looking for some insight. Or perhaps you'd prefer one of our talk-free haircuts or to simply chat about the weather or your next holiday.  Whatever you desire, we are happy to oblige.

93% of clients say a visit to DKUK improved their general mood.


We also have gender-neutral pricing. We don't think that the price of your service should depend on your gender.  We all need our hair cut, but how do you fit into a salon space or even feel welcomed when you are not considered? To avoid any uncomfortable or intrusive questions, we price all our services by the experience of our stylists and the length of your hair. Check out our prices page to get a better idea of how we list our services.  Speaking of gender, we have a pronouns log on our new client form too. We let you fill this in privately and then log your entry on your profile for future reference. Feel free to change this whenever you like!

great haircuts at DKUK Hairdressers in Peckham
best hairdressers in south east london at DKUK Salon


If you feel awkward and uncomfortable you are more likely to simply go along with what your stylist suggests without really understanding what is happening to your hair. At DKUK we care about how you feel as well as how you look.  That's why it's important to us that our clients feel they are being heard, and also feel comfortable saying when they don’t feel heard.  During our consultation, we will listen to your needs and, if you are looking for ideas, we will recommend some great looks that will suit you, your sense of style, and your hair type.

80% said they discovered new artists while visiting DKUK


We strive to be more sustainable and ethical and are proud to stock carbon neutral and vegan products.  A £1 Green Fee is added to all appointments so we can recycle your hair, foils and towels!  We also try wherever possible to work with companies and products that have strong sustainability credentials like Davines which has a Zero Impact® policy for its Essential Haircare, SU, OI, and More Inside product lines, which means the production of their packaging is carbon neutral.  They are also a certified B Corp which means Davines meets the highest sustainability standards possible.

best hair salon in Peckham, south east London
sustainable hairdressers in Peckham south east London


People visit us from across London and beyond because they trust us to create beautiful hair.  We offer cutting & styling, hair colouring (including creative colours, balayage, highlights and more!), afro hair services (including box braids, cornrows, hair extensions and hair smoothing), and some lovely hair treatments.   Those opting for hair colour for the first time will need to come in for a quick patch test 48 hours before your colour appointment.  We also offer complimentary consultations where we can chat through your hair goals, come up with ideas, and help you get the hairstyle or colour you've been dreaming about!  PLUS... if you are a new client visiting us for the first time, we invite you to either pay the usual amount for your service or opt for our Pay What You Can.  This is available on appointments booked Monday to Friday from 12-4pm and only with our stylist level.  Call 020 3609 0920 to book and please mention that you are a new client.


23% of our clients are creative professionals

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