We believe the fairest and most transparent way to charge for our services is according to time. We have three price tiers based on our stylists experience:

£49/£59/£69 per hour

First haircut-pay what you can (Mon -Friday 12-4pm)

Haircuts and service usually break down as follows:

1 hour service – most hair lengths  
45 min service – extreme short cuts
30 min service – haircut maintenance such as re-cutting an undercut.

Colour services time guide:

Tint application 1-2 hours
Highlights 1-3 hours
Balayage 2-3 hours
Bleach 2-4 hours
Bespoke colour 1-5 hours

Time includes shampoo, conditioner, head massage and all products used for services. We also offer a 10% rebooking discount.

Based on our overheads and ethics we have worked a fair cost for our services given our stylist experience. If it is your first visit we recommend booking a one hour slot this will give us time to thoroughly discuss your needs. Your following appointments will then be charged according to the time it required to do your hair and nothing else.

Everybody’s hair is different and our pricing system offers a clear structure to tailor our services accordingly. If you don’t want a blowdry no problem, we cut hair to suit your lifestyle if you never blowdry then why should we? What we will do is advise you on the best haircut and products to make your hair looks its best all of the time.

If it’s your first colour service, please don’t book in online please call the salon for a consultation.

Deposits: we do require a deposit to secure your appointment we are happy to refund these if you give us 3 days notice.