The Curly Hair Specialists in Peckham at DKUK

If you are looking for a curly haircut or a cut that encourages more texture, you have come to the right people!  We are highly experienced in all hair types with many of our staff specialising particularly in curly hair.

We celebrate the unique beauty of curly hair and offer you a salon where your curls are understood, respected, and enhanced by specialists who know precisely how to treat them. We have helped many clients who are fed up with blow drying their hair straight to transition to more natural and easy-to-maintain hair as well.

Curly hair requires a different approach than straight hair, starting with the cut and extending to styling and maintenance. At DKUK Hair Salon, our stylists are trained in the specific techniques needed to bring out the best in your curls. 

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Mirror-Less Haircuts

People go to the hair-salon for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to feel good about themselves. But only 10% of our clients said they enjoyed sitting in front of a mirror... which is why we are here for the rest of you! Instead, our clients sit in front of art in a calming and caring atmosphere.

Talk-Free Haircuts

We celebrate all personality types at DKUK, prioritising making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. There is never any pressure to be chatty. You can even book a ‘Talk Free Haircut’. During your consultation, the stylist will ask you how you would like your hair - but after that, your ears can relax!

Pay What You Can

New clients visiting us for the first time can either pay the usual amount for their service or opt for our Pay What You Can.  This is available on appointments booked Monday to Friday from 12-4pm and only with our stylist level.  Call 020 36090920 to book and please mention that you are a new client.


Products For Curly Hair

Textured hair can sit differently depending on which products are used.  Whether you like your hair to be soft and light (think leave=in conditioners and curl creams) or product heavy to form a cast (think mousses and gels), we have a range to suit your preferences.

We use both Davines and Design Essentials products for our curly haired clients.

Following your consultation we will begin by to preparing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type. You may want to think about doing one of our treatments for curly hair too while you are with us as this will help to get your hair super moisturised to encourage great definition and longevity.



Approximately 40% of the UK population has naturally curly or wavy hair.

The Cut

Curly hair is a wonderful gift. It possesses a natural volume and texture that straight hair simply cannot replicate. Each curl, coil, or wave is unique, giving your hair its own personality and flair. However, curly hair also comes with its own set of challenges. It can be prone to dryness, frizz, and breakage if not cared for properly. That's why having a specialist who understands the intricacies of curly hair is essential.

As with any hair type, your haircut will help your hair to sit as you like it. If you're finding that your hair isn't curling as well as it used to, it probably needs the layers refreshing because the weight is causing the roots to drag.

Or perhaps the ends are very dry. When the ends become dry the curl will loosen and you won't get as much definition.

Your DKUK stylist can guide you on all of these things in your consultation to get to the root of any problems and suggest ways to solve them.


Curly hair is classified into several types and subtypes based on the curl pattern. This ranges from Type 2 (Wavy Hair):  to Type 4C (tight coils with minimal curl definition).


Natural Drying

All our staff are trained in diffuser drying. A diffuser is an attachment that goes on the end of the hair dryer to spread out the air flow, allowing the hair to keep hold of its wave, curl or coil as opposed to being straightened out and made fluffy by the directional airflow of a hairdryer with out one.

There are still options within diffuse drying. It can be super natural as if your hair just dried on its own in the sun, the hair can be finger coiled/ twisted to encourage extra definition or to encourage wavy hair to be more curly, we can scrunch and dry with your head upside down to create lots of volume.

Whatever you desire, make sure you book a consultation at DKUK so we can help you with your curls.




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