At DKUK we offer haircuts and colour in front of art. Realised by artist/hairdresser Daniel Kelly, DKUK provides a platform for engaging diverse audiences with contemporary art in the welcoming environment of a hairdressing salon. A new model for producing work, DKUK combines the practical, commercial framework of a hairdressing business, with the funding support of the Arts Council England. DKUK offers artists a unique environment for showing and developing work, away from the pressure of the commercial art world and the growing complexities of the ‘publicly’ funded spaces. This co–existence of art and hairdressing offers a unique experience, whether you are a client coming in for a haircut or pop in to just see the exhibition programme!

Daniel Kelly (b. 1981) has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Somerset House, Ancient and Modern, French Rivera, Outpost, Norwich and Matt’s Gallery. His work The ‘Pirates of Carthage’ was performed on Resonance FM, ‘Birds2013.com’ was funded by the Elephant Trust. He has work in the Saatchi collection and is currently an associate of Open School East.