Established in 2014, DKUK is the original hair salon that got rid of mirrors, offering haircuts and colour in front of art. This unique environment creates an experience like no other.

We want everyone to engage with DKUK; you can come in for a haircut, or just to see the exhibition. Open to all hair types and lengths, we charge gender neutral pricing based on time and stylists’ experience. Foregrounding the importance of sustainable working in everything we do, we proudly stock vegan hair care range Pureology, Davines’ CO2 neutral styling products, and the award-winning scalp treatments by Philip Kingsley. 

Realised by artist/hairdresser Daniel Kelly, DKUK is a platform for making contemporary art and the discussion around it more commonplace and accessible. Staging six exhibitions and various events a year in the welcoming setting of a bustling hair salon, DKUK presents itself as a new model for creative practices and artistic economies to support each other. This includes commissioning new art works and providing full training for artists to become hairdressers. The co-existence of hairdressing and art means at DKUK we look after peoples’ heads – inside and out. 

We are grateful to Arts Council England for their continued support, which enables us to realise the exhibition and events programme.