At DKUK we have two goals: to create beautiful hairstyles and show great works of art. We’re a unique concept – a group of artists who have retrained as hairdressers using our artistic backgrounds and knowledge to enhance our hairdressing skills. This makes every hair appointment here a collaboration with our clients on a very personal project: their hair. Our mission is to look after people’s heads, inside and out.


DKUK has brought thousands of clients in front of 6 exhibitions a year, bringing discussions about art into the cosy seat of the hairdressers chair. We’re non-judgemental and happy to take your lead, whether you’re an arts professional looking for an in depth discussion on the current exhibition, or a complete newbie looking for some insight. You might not want to talk about the artwork, preferring a chat about the weather or your next holiday, or to sit in complete silence – we’re happy to oblige.

DKUK is here for all hair textures and styles. No idea is too outrageous or ‘boring’, and no question is too silly. Our pricing is gender neutral avoiding any uncomfortable or invasive questions, and we offer a talk free haircut for those that just want to relax. We strive to be more sustainable and ethical and are proud to stock carbon neutral and vegan products.

DKUK is for anyone who is ready to switch their salon for a venture of new art, better hair and intriguing ideas. Book an appointment today

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