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Modern Perms at DKUK Hairdressers in Peckham

Experience voluminous, bouncy curls with a contemporary perm at DKUK Hairdressers in Peckham.

While trends change, some hairstyles stand the test of time.  The perm, once associated with the tight curls of the 1980s, has resurged in popularity. Today's modern perm can be customised to achieve a more relaxed curl, adapting to your individual preferences.

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Mirror-Less Haircuts

People go to the hair-salon for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to feel good about themselves. But only 10% of our clients said they enjoyed sitting in front of a mirror... which is why we are here for the rest of you! Instead, our clients sit in front of art in a calming and caring atmosphere.

Talk-Free Haircuts

We celebrate all personality types at DKUK, prioritising making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. There is never any pressure to be chatty. You can even book a ‘Talk Free Haircut’. During your consultation, the stylist will ask you how you would like your hair - but after that, your ears can relax!

Pay What You Can

New clients visiting us for the first time can either pay the usual amount for their service or opt for our Pay What You Can.  This is available on appointments booked Monday to Friday from 12-4pm and only with our stylist level.  Call 020 36090920 to book and please mention that you are a new client.

Perming - What To Expect

Perming involves chemically altering your hair's natural structure by breaking and reforming the disulfide bonds within the hair shaft.

This transformation allows the hair to adopt a new curly or wavy pattern which, on average, lasts from 2 to 6 months. However, some people may find that their perm starts to lose its shape or loosen after a couple of months, while others may enjoy the defined curls for a longer duration.

We also use Davines animal-friendly, ammonia-free perming solutions which are much kinder on the hair as well as on the environment. The use of different sized rods also gives us the flexibility to achieve the desired level of curl or wave, ranging from tight curls to relaxed, beachy waves.


Perming What To Expect

77% of our clients say they enjoyed the mirror-less hair experience more than their typical salon visit.

The Benefits of Having a Perm

The Benefits of Having a Perm

There are many benefits to having a perm.  These include:

Low-Maintenance Hair Styling: Enjoy your curls or waves without the need for daily styling tools.

Natural-Looking Curls: Let us tailor your perm to achieve your desired look.

More Movement & Volume: Perming can enhance the texture of your hair, giving it more volume and movement. 

Long-Lasting Results: With care, your perm should last for several months.

78% of clients say they prefer the experience of a haircut with no mirror

The Perm Makes a Comeback!

The resurgence of the perm can be attributed to a shift in beauty trends, embracing a more diverse and inclusive range of hairstyles.

Gone are the days when they used to rig electric heated rollers up to a chandelier-like device!  Today's perming techniques and products are much kinder to the hair and scalp and we can now simply wind your hair around different-sized rods to achieve a variety of curl sizes.

A perm is also a great option for just about everyone.  It can reinvent your hairstyle, add volume and bounce to limp or fine hair, and might even put a spring in your step as well as in your curls!

The Perm Makes a Comeback

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