Announcing ‘Rapt’ a new look for DKUK

We are pleased to announce “Rapt” a new look for DKUK featuring electronic music producer, songwriter, singer and artist, Chagall. Directed by salon manager Oz Izzet the inspiration takes as its starting point the idea of hairdressing as a performative art practice and builds upon Chagall’s use of gloves which she uses for composing her live performances and to control sonic layers and effects as well as interacting through motion, with live visuals.

Drawing inspIration from Peckham itself, where Oz’s career and interest in hair started at the age of 13, it was important to gather a team from the local area including

Artist and model: Chagall
Hair and make-up: Oz Izzet
Photography: Alex Rimmer (Sunset Studios)
Styling: Franceso Colucci
Assistant: Idalina Domingos