our art swap is back!

11 jan – 6 march 2021

At DKUK, we support creative practices and artistic economies by training artists as hairdressers and commissioning exhibitions. We ran our art swap event last year with huge success. The idea is simple: we will trade a haircut for an artwork. The artwork will then be displayed at DKUK for the duration of the exhibition, and we’ll keep it in our collection afterwards.

There is no brief, but we would appreciate work that you feel is right for the space. If we feel the work is inappropriate for the salon, we will honour the haircut but not accept the work.

Think about what’s special about DKUK – clients spend a long time here and have the chance to really absorb some ideas.

the haircut:

-we have one art swap slot per day (none on Saturdays), and appointments must be made in advance

-art swap appointments must be made over the phone

-our £3 covid surcharge will be paid at the time of booking to secure the appointment

-we are closed 25 Dec – 1st Jan, so will not be taking bookings on these days

the art:

-please have the dimensions, title and medium of your work to hand when you come in  

-the work must be wall based and fitted with a hanging device, or free standing and no taller than 30cm

-artists must be willing to have a photo taken with their work for our social media

-video work can be accepted although we cannot guarantee that audio will be played in the salon

-the director will decide where the work is displayed

we look forward to swapping with you!

love, DKUK x