How To Cut Curly Afro Hair

Cutting curly hair is different from cutting straight hair because curly hair has a unique texture and shape that requires different techniques and considerations.

Curl pattern: Curly hair has a natural pattern of curls, waves or coils that can vary from loose to tight. The curl pattern affects how the hair falls and where the weight of the hair is distributed. When cutting curly hair, it's important to consider the curl pattern and cut accordingly to prevent unwanted frizz and maintain the natural shape of the curls.

Shrinkage: Curly hair can shrink up to 50% when dry due to the natural curl pattern. This means that the hair may appear shorter when dry than when wet. When cutting curly hair, it's important to take into account the shrinkage factor and adjust the length accordingly. thats why you might see us use a wide tooth comb. these reduces tension and allows for this shrinkage.

Density: Curly hair can be dense and voluminous, which affects how the hair is cut. The hair's density determines how much hair needs to be removed to achieve the desired style, and a stylist must take into account the volume of the hair when cutting to prevent the hair from appearing too bulky.

Texture: Curly hair can also have varying textures, from fine to coarse. Texture affects how the hair moves and falls and also how it reacts to products and styling. When cutting curly hair, the texture must be considered to determine the appropriate cutting techniques and product recommendations.

Styling: Finally, cutting curly hair requires a different approach to styling. Styling techniques for curly hair involve working with the natural curl pattern to enhance its shape and texture, rather than fighting against it. Styling products and techniques for curly hair are also different than those for straight hair, and stylists must be knowledgeable in how to style and care for curly hair.

In summary, cutting curly hair requires a different approach than cutting straight hair due to factors such as the curl pattern, shrinkage, density, texture, and styling techniques. A stylist with experience cutting curly hair can create a style that complements the natural shape and texture of the hair, resulting in a beautiful and manageable style.

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