Hair Trend Predictions For 2024!

Hair trend predictions for 2024!

At DKUK we have been discussing hair trends and what's to come for 2024! In the salon, we have been seeing a lot more clients requesting colorful block panels. Running horizontally or vertically across their hair. Pink and rosy reds are also on the rise. Perhaps because of the great marketing from the Barbie movie. We are all heading back to our nostalgic roots with style and colour. As you can see from the picture above vertical panels create this dynamic stripped style. Similar to the raccoon hair trend of the 90/200s. And we are living for this cleaner emo fantasy.

So what's so great about these new Hair trend predictions for 2024?

Panels are super dynamic, you can have one panel of color across the hair that's super subtle. For example, behind the hairline, allowing just a little pop of color, when the hair is tucked behind the ear. Or you can go all out with different patterns, colors, and lengths. The options are really endless.

In the picture you can see, a range of block panel styles. Depending on how the hair is styled they transform into different looks. Using Gell to redirect their hair into waves or zigzags means you have control over how your color appears. Spreading the colors across the scalp and overlapping to create a completely new perspective. Certainly, block panels give you lots of flexibility to create different looks while not having to re-dye or re-cut your hair!

Book a colour consultation with one of our stylists! We can help you decide what colors look best on your skin tone, and face shape. As well as, where to place the panels on your hair!!

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