How Can You Cut Hair Without A Mirror?

Want a haircut but don't want to worry about how you look in the mirror?

The lighting in a hair salon has to be bright for the stylists to do their work, bright lights are very unflattering on the human face as they cast shadows, simple really and no wonder sitting in front of a mirror for extended periods can have a negative impact on your mental health.

We have years of experience in cutting hair without a mirror and know how to make sure you always leave looking your best. 

Our stylists are specially trained to work without a mirror. They will work around you, spinning the chair and carefully inspecting their work from every angle. People are often surprised or even shocked when they hear about our unique concept but there are lots of examples of haircuts done without a mirror such as…

-on location for photo shoots

-home haircuts

-demo’s on stage for teaching purposes

Its a surprise then that no one has thought to try cutting hair on the public in this way before now…

Our service will start with a mirror enabling the stylist to do a thorough 7 step consultation and this will help you visualise the end result. Once trust is established and the haircut agreed you will be taken to the backwash for your shampoo and optional head massage. You will then be lead back to your section where the haircut will begin. It will be expertly cut by your stylist who will work around you leaving you to admire the art. Once the service is complete a mirror will be bought over where you can offer any feedback on the haircut and the stylist can make any adjustments, we like to think of this as a first draft giving you space to contribute and collaborate with your stylist. We will then show you the back of the haircut and any finishing products will be applied if required. Hey presto, a great haircut without the pain of staring at yourself in unflattering light for an hour.