Creative Colour


Express Yourself With Vibrant Colour at DKUK in Peckham

Creative hair colours have that certain je ne sais quoi. They allow you to express your individuality with a range of vibrant shades. Creative hair exists on a spectrum and includes rainbow hair, hidden panels, bold colours, and pastel shades. These styles can be as extravagant or subdued as you like and our colour technicans will devise a bespoke plan for you.

To achieve creative hair colours, your technician will lighten your hair with bleach and then add the colour. During your complimentary colour consultation, they can advise you on what colour services will achieve the best results. Sometimes, you might need a few lightening sessions to get your hair light enough for the creative colour to hold.

Achieving a new look can boost your confidence and make you feel fab!  Book your consultation by calling DKUK Hairdressers in Peckham on 0203 609 0920 or book online.

Please note:  We're a colour-safe salon so you'll need to pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 hours before your colour appointment. 

Mirror-Less Haircuts

People go to the hair-salon for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to feel good about themselves. But only 10% of our clients said they enjoyed sitting in front of a mirror... which is why we are here for the rest of you! Instead, our clients sit in front of art in a calming and caring atmosphere.

Talk-Free Haircuts

We celebrate all personality types at DKUK, prioritising making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. There is never any pressure to be chatty. You can even book a ‘Talk Free Haircut’. During your consultation, the stylist will ask you how you would like your hair - but after that, your ears can relax!

Pay What You Can

New clients visiting us for the first time can either pay the usual amount for their service or opt for our Pay What You Can.  This is available on appointments booked Monday to Friday from 12-4pm and only with our stylist level.  Call 020 36090920 to book and please mention that you are a new client.


Bold Colours

Bold, vivid colours make a statement and are bound to turn heads. From brilliant blues to iridescent indigos, bold colours are so much fun. They allow you to express yourself and show the world who you are. Our colour technicians will create a bespoke colour plan after your free consultation. They'll also advise on how many treatments you’ll need to lighten your hair before colour application.

Creative colours are usually more short-term than traditional ones and will usually fade over time to reveal the original blonde beneath. Don't worry though, we'll advise you on tips and tricks to keep your colour lasting longer. This includes our personalised colour pots specially mixed with your unique colour pigment.

Since bleaching can stress out your locks, we suggest that clients use the Olaplex system during colouring to protect hair and keep the colour looking brighter for longer.

Our colour technicians will chat with you about diverse colour options and find a shade that delights you.



 In 1950, only 5% of women coloured their hair. Today, that number has increased to 75%

Hidden Colour Panels 

Hidden panels - also known as peekaboo highlights - turn conventional colour on its head by adding gorgeous panels of colour under the top layers of hair. Your colour technician will place these hidden panels strategically so that when you run your fingers through your hair, the bold colours peak through.

Hidden panels are a fantastically creative colour option for those who don’t want a full head of bright colour. They are also an excellent solution if you want to embrace creative colour but your job or school has strict hair colour policies. Since the panels can be hidden whenever you want, they offer the best of both worlds. 

Your colour technician will create a personalised colour plan for your needs and showcase all our dreamy colour options. 


The most common hair colour in the world is black


Pastel Hair Colours

Pastel shades embody elegance and finesse. From lovely lilacs and pretty pinks to perfect peaches and baby blues, these subtle hues add a classy yet creative touch to any style. Since they’re more gentle than bold colours, they’re perfect for anyone looking for subtle yet sensational shades.

You can apply pastel colours to your whole head, add them to balayage, or opt for a panel effect. Whatever type of pastel colour application technique you and your colour technician choose, we guarantee they'll look picture-perfect.

Your colour technician will need to ensure that your hair has been adequately lightened before the pastel colour is applied. This might take a few sessions and they’ll advise you on the process during your complimentary colour consult.



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