self centred yet seductive
candice jacobs

“What’s too expensive? There is such a thing as a false economy. If you try to save too much, you could cut corners that cost more to repair. There is also the matter of what you deserve. Aren’t you entitled to the best? I’m not trying to encourage you to get into trouble. There is a point past which you must not go. But there is also, a risk that you will underestimate your own worth to others. November heralds a time to invest in your greatest and most potentially profitable asset.” JONATHAN CAINER – AQUARIUS, NOVEMBER 2014

In the second in a series of changing site-specific artworks at DKUK Candice Jacobs will be present Self Centered Yet Seductive an extension of her two part solo exhibition INHALE and EXHALE which originally took place at Project Number, London (Sept/Oct 2014) & continues at Cactus, Liverpool (Jan/Feb 2015).

INHALE and EXHALE take their titles from a series of new products launched by a well-known cosmetics company. Jacobs looks at their marketing strategy as a production line for the achievement of femininity, serenity, masculinity and tranquility. She uses these affirmations to explore – via a wide range of media – the structures and strategies employed within affective labour, corporate aesthetics and habitual practices to consider the way their semantic language creates a new sense of collective consciousness driven by advertising, television, the internet, gender and the workplace.

For Self Centered Yet Seductive ideas of INHALE and EXHALE will be developed in response to the particular context of the DKUK salon environment.

Notes to editors: About Candice Jacobs: In her practice, Nottingham based Jacobs, combines a semantic collection of motifs, images and objects with expectations inherent within the production and consumption of social frameworks that are changing because of an economic shift from industrial capitalism to cognitive capitalism.

Recent exhibitions include: (2014) Sansoucci Realty, Tank.TV; INHALE, Project Number, London; Trance & Tranquility, SYSON in association with Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham; I Dunno Shit, Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester; COCKTAIL III, Karst, Plymouth & Bristol – https://; Foam, P/N project space, London; Spike Island, Bristol; Banner Repeater, London; AND/OR, London; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; One

Thoresby Street, Nottingham –; (2013) WORK BITCH, Standpoint Gallery, London (solo); Emergency 6, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Pleasure Voyage, SYSON, Nottingham (solo); Il Bardo di Timperley, as part of Art Licks, London; COCKTAIL II, The Space, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (co-curated project & closing event to The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, curated by Mark Leckey); Fun House, & Seventeen Gallery, London; (2012) Outpost Members Show selected by Ruth Ewan, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, UK; Full Focus, Hotel Mariakapel, Netherlands; How To Solve Problems in The Office, Trade Gallery, Nottingham; Pirate Broadcast 2, Prime Time – Candice Jacobs, Beatrice Gibson, Zoe Williams – Superlative TV, London. Analogue TV broadcast; Please wait while we contact your bank, French Riviera, London. Jacobs is currently developing new commissions for S1 Artspace, Sheffield and the 2015 Venice Bienniale.