writer in residence
jacob watmore

As you take part in the routine of DKUK, Jacob Watmore will be in the corner as writer in residence for a day of hypothesising. Let us pretend; to suspend our disbelief for the things that we can’t see. Less about dragons, more like your neighbour compulsively cuts onions, or the journey you take to work has a peperami packet that has been in the same place for the last few months, you may have just not noticed it. A possible fiction outside of your present perception.

This will be a day of text, sound and objects. The artist will be directly responding to the situation, and in the spur of the moment twisting it. Lets pretend that this will go well.

Jacob Watmore (b. 1991) lives and works in London. His practice uses directive language, objects and subtle acts of the viewer to poke at the boundary between fiction and the ordinary. Co-founder of 12ø collective, an artist-run space based in Stoke Newington, London. Currently showing in TREAT YO SELF, (it’s all) tropical, bloc projects, Sheffield. Watmore recently won 2nd prize in the Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize and is shortly to become an artist in residence at Assembly House, Leeds.