the realist
Joshua Alexander

Robert Roberts is a management consultant working from home who is instructed to stop working. The film follows his thoughts as he struggles to find purpose without work. At the same time he becomes embroiled in a series of phone calls with a fictional Google Earth complaints department. The situation becomes more and more complicated as he tries to solve the mystery of why there is an image of himself on Google Earth Street View in the middle of a forest in a country he has never been to.

Joshua Alexander Statement

Joshua Alexander is interested in the way language, technology and work structure reality, in how this causes alienation in the individual, and how human imagination can transcend these realities. In his films he employs a satirical use of corporate terminology taken from management consultancy, embodying workplace scenarios like annual-appraisals and conference calls, focusing on the relationship between the structured realities of daily life and the more mysterious psychological areas of human consciousness and identity.