Blue Rinse
Olivia Bouzyk

Olivia Bouzyk’s artwork beautifully complements the vibrant and unique atmosphere of DKUK. The salon’s lively interior, characterised by bright, bold designs and its fluid, interchangeable displays, mirrors Bouzyk’s artistic approach. At DKUK, where art and hairdressing intertwine in a dynamic environment, Bouzyk’s pieces enhance the salon’s ethos of celebrating individuality and creativity.In her art practice, Bouzyk draws inspiration from the dynamic interplay of line, colour, and form. This balance reflects the rhythms of nature, a theme she captures through her initial sketches. These sketches evolve into abstract forms, each embodying the essence of their natural origins.

Bouzyk’s commitment to creating unique, never-repeated pieces aligns seamlessly with DKUK’s emphasis on personalised experiences. Her art, by minimising the distractions of daily life, invites viewers into a world of pure, focused expression, resonating with the distinctive, spirited essence of DKUK. Prints are available for sale please enquire for a price list.