spatial administration
ross jardine

Talk and screening 20 August, 7-9pm.

The evening will feature a screening of the first two episodes of Ross Jardine’s Spatial Administration project, accompanied by an introduction to feng shui by leading international expert Jan Cisek. The talk and screening will act as a bridge between old and new work by screening the first two episodes of Spatial Administration and gathering research material for the next.

Spatial Administration is an ongoing series of videos essays by the artist Ross Jardine which can be viewed individually or as part of an evolving/devolving set of films. The videos are located in landscapes that are contingent on a faint, unnoticed, network of statutes, customs and symbols. The first two films were made at the same time; as footage was taken from the Greenwich landscape an inquest into the death of Alexander Litvinenko took place at the Royal Courts of Justice. The two films partly describe a route between these sites and an Itsu restaurant in Piccadilly.

Ross Jardine’s practice is located somewhere between art and administration. He uses a research-based approach to examine the places that we live and work in; and the policies, labour and symbolic frameworks that create and maintain them. Recent exhibitions include: Heritage is a Bogus History, And/Or Gallery; Platform: In the Making, Site Gallery; and Les Télévisions, French Riviera Gallery. Jardine was an Associate of Open School East, 2013-14 and is co-runs Radio Anti.

Jan Cisek (FSSA, MSc) is a leading international feng shui expert, trainer and writer with 25+ years experience in feng shui and a specialty in Environmental Psychology and a background in interior design, design and branding. His clients include multinational corporations and celebrities.

Jan lives in London and works worldwide. More info can be found at