museum show
sam jacob

DKUK has a new home at Queens Road Peckham in a bigger, brighter and bolder premises which has been designed by Sam Jacob Studio.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of DKUK 2 with Museum Show, a new exhibition selected by Sam Jacob. Jacob asked architects, designers or artists to create a scale model, reimagining what a museum could be. Contributions have been made by Assemble, Baukuh, DKCM, Fala Atelier, Fraser Muggeridge, Madelon Vriesendorp, Maio, OMMX, Pup and Sean Griffiths.

The hypothetical museums include Assemble repurposing a scaled-down ceramic toilet as cultural destination; DK-CM’s open-air Plotland Museum; a Book Haus made from books designed by Fraser Muggeridge; and a series of surreal object-body sculptures made by Madelon Vriesendorp, that fluctuate between the toy-like and the monumental. Meanwhile, Sean Griffiths (averse to model making as ever) is displaying word-drawings that play with interlocking arrangements of museum titles, creating strange relationships between existing cultural institutions and practitioners.

Museum Show reflects on the meanings and possibilities of the contemporary museum, as idealised spaces to view or ‘consume’ art. Like DKUK itself, it considers models of display and places for cultural production and artistic economies to merge.

Jacob has created a work table in the centre of the new cutting area, to house the miniature museums and transform the conventional hair salon setup to one akin to that of a creative studio. This hybridity is in-keeping with his architectural vision for DKUK’s new space; to frame the display of art through the commercial activity that supports it.

Reversing the usual relationship between architecture and object, Museum Show recasts the museum in the role of gallery artefact, asking questions about its form and content. As models, they also explore ways in which architecture and design shapes the institution as objects in urban landscapes, as a way to frame other objects, as event and cultural spectacular, as leisure destination or as a repository of knowledge.

On Monday 17 June, 7-9pm, there will be a panel discussion and live podcast recording between panel and live podcast recording between Sam Jacob (architect), Daniel Kelly (director DKUK), Marysia Lewandowska (artist) and Sarah McCrory (director Goldsmiths CCA) talking about the design and use of art spaces.