salty cowboy
ze aya

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DKUK is proud to present Ze Aya, Salty Cowboy. Aya’s first exhibition since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2015 will include painting, sculpture and digital works from the past year.

malleable – mouldable – manipulate – adjustable – squeeze you like putty – vulnerable – muse.

you – me – dominance – vulnerability – fragility – femininity – masculinity – identity – approval – fragility – muse.

marking – impact – signature – ownership – masculinity – identity – approval – fragility – muse.

Word – language – material – texture – movement – gesture – indentation – implication – touch – stroke – soft – wet – still – muse.

Love – lover – heartbreaker – jelly bean flicker – seductive – ambivalent – vulnerable – muse.

Salty Cowboy explores the male as muse. Drawing attention to and reimagining negotiations of dominance and fragility that play out by looking at our interactions across digital and physical social spaces.

Formerly from a sculptural background, Aya’s practise highlights material language and painting as object. Using texture, composition and layering processes, the work depicts a collection of seductive, ambivalent and vulnerable experiences. The movement and gestural indentations in the material imply chaos, quietened by the stillness of the figurative.

Ze Aya (b. 1993, Telsai, Lithuania) is an artist living and working in London. Aya studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central Saint Martins graduating in 2015.