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How did the idea for DKUK come about?
How do you find the artists you exhibit?
Are all the artists local?
Is the art for sale?
Is DKUK a completely mirror-free zone?
Is it harder to cut hair without a mirror?
Do you cut kids hair?
Why do I need to come in for a patch test?
Why do you ask for a deposit?
Are all your products vegan?
Can we bring our own containers for the refill shampoo service?
What time should I book for my haircut?
How much should I pay for 'Pay What You Can'?
Do you have lots of 5 star reviews?
Do you offer cutting, colouring and smoothing for afro hair?
Where can I find your salon?
When is your late night opening?
How can I book an appointment at DKUK?
Can I book an appointment via email?

The founder of DKUK, Daniel Kelly 'DK', used to cut people's hair in his art studio to make ends meet.  He trained as a hairdresser and then an artist.  In time, this idea of cutting people's hair in front of art caught on so Daniel decided to test it in an art gallery as a pop-up. It then found a home of its own in Peckham in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

We have an arts advisory board that suggests artists we could work with.  The board is made up of art world professionals who have a relationship with DKUK.  We are also open to submissions from local and international artists.  We are looking for work that resonates with the unique concepts at DKUK.  Any submissions can be sent to Daniel at  We plan the exhibitions up to two years in advance and receive many submissions so cannot work with all artists that apply.

Whilst DKUK is committed to supporting the artistic economy and community in our area, we do not exclusively show artists that are based locally. In fact, we believe working together with artists from outside of London is one way to help develop our local art world too.

Almost always yes. It is part of DKUK’s core aims to support sustainable artistic economies. As such, as long as the artist want the work to be for sale it is. That being said, we are not a commercial gallery and therefore don’t invest time and energy in marketing the work. If you are interested in any of the work on show or that has been on show, feel free to get in touch.

No. We start and end the service with a mirror so we can discuss what will suit you best and gather any feedback on how we can tailor the service to best suit your face shape and hair needs. Throughout the service, you will sit in front of artwork.  Should you require a mirror at any point, just ask your stylist who will be happy to oblige.

There are a few stages of the cutting process where a mirror can be beneficial, such as checking balance and face shape suitability. However, this can all be achieved by simply turning the hairdressing chair around looking from the front. There are many instances when haircuts take place without mirrors, such as demonstrations on stage, haircuts on location for photo shoots and haircuts done at home by mobile hairdressers. These examples indicate that the mirror is there more for the client than the hairdresser.

Yes – for everyone 14 and under we charge 25/35/40 for a haircut, depending on which stylist cuts your hair. You can book this service via our website or over the phone as normal.

We must follow manufacturers' guidelines with our colour products otherwise we will not be insured to do your hair.

A deposit of 25% of the cost of your service or treatment will be charged if you are booking a colour service or missed your last appointment with us.  Taking a deposit helps to protect our business from no-shows and cancellations. You can find out more about what to expect during your visit here.

Most of them are, but not all.

Davines’ sustainable beauty brand is not certified vegetarian or vegan but they do not contain any animal-derived products. In other words, these products are fully vegan-friendly too.

Design Essentials is a cruelty-free brand, meaning they do not test on animals but do have products that use animal-derived ingredients.

We strongly recommend only refilling with the containers that the product originally came in. Some types of plastic used for bottles and containers can react with the content, meaning it could seep into the product and then the water supply. The bottles and containers used by Davines are made of reusable plastic and are therefore completely safe. Generally food safe containers meet these criteria too.

If it is your first visit we recommend booking a one hour slot, this will give us time to thoroughly discuss your needs. Your following appointments will then be charged according to the time required to do your hair and nothing else. We will advise you on the amount of time we recommend for your hair type and length.

This is a genuine offer as we want everyone to have the chance to experience DKUK, so please pay within your means. We are of course a business, not a charity. This means we pay our staff a good wage as well as all overheads and taxes associated with being a business, things that are taken into consideration when calculating our prices.

The least we have received is £6; occasionally people choose to pay more than the appointment price; the average price paid is £42.

Yes! You can see for yourself and read all of our reviews here.

Yes, we offer everything from cutting & colouring afro and multi-textured hair to relaxing, braiding and extensions. Feel free to look through our afro hair services on our website.

You can find us at 191 Queens Road, Peckham, SE15 2NG.

We have late night opening on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays where we stay open until 8PM.

To book an appointment with us you can either call us at 020 3609 0920 or simply book online.

Feel free to use our email address which is but please bear in mind that you may get a faster response by booking online or by calling 020 3609 0920.