Light Up Your Life with Highlights at DKUK in Peckham

From beautiful balayage to magical money piece highlights, the world of hair-lightening techniques is abundant. Our skilled colour technicians are always available to help you find a look that makes you feel fabulous. 

Highlighting is a colour technique where strategic strands of hair are lightened with bleach. We are trained in a range of highlighting techniques and can confidently create a range of incredible looks including blended highlights, chunky highlights, foilyage, and more.

Your colour technician will discuss various highlighting options during your complimentary colour consultation. Following this, they will create a bespoke colour plan for you. We suggest that clients add Olaplex to the hair colour so that hair remains healthy and strong throughout the bleaching process.

We're here to help you find a look that you LOVE.  Book your free colour consultation by calling DKUK Hairdressers in Peckham on 0203 609 0920 or book online.

Please note:  Client wellbeing is a top priority so pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 hours before your colour appointment.  

Mirror-Less Haircuts

People go to the hair-salon for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to feel good about themselves. But only 10% of our clients said they enjoyed sitting in front of a mirror... which is why we are here for the rest of you! Instead, our clients sit in front of art in a calming and caring atmosphere.

Talk-Free Haircuts

We celebrate all personality types at DKUK, prioritising making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. There is never any pressure to be chatty. You can even book a ‘Talk Free Haircut’. During your consultation, the stylist will ask you how you would like your hair - but after that, your ears can relax!

Pay What You Can

New clients visiting us for the first time can either pay the usual amount for their service or opt for our Pay What You Can.  This is available on appointments booked Monday to Friday from 12-4pm and only with our stylist level.  Call 020 36090920 to book and please mention that you are a new client.


Money Piece Highlights

If you're looking for face-framing fabulousness, it's time to explore money piece highlights. This colour technique is similar to balayage but lightens only the front strands of hair to frame the face. Money piece highlights effortlessly brighten the complexion by illuminating the face and making your stand-out features pop. 

Your colour technician will chat with you and tailor a bespoke look that suits your face shape and colour preference. Opt for classic shades or go bold with a creative colour. 

To ensure that hair stays in tip-top condition, it's advised to add Olaplex to hair lightening treatments. This will strengthen the hair and keep it looking fresh. 





 In 1950, only 5% of women coloured their hair. Today, that number has increased to 75%


Foilyage is another popular highlighting technique. In essence, it's a blend of traditional foil highlights and balayage. Your colour technician will use foils and bleach from your root line and then apply a balayage technique from the mid-section to the ends. 

Foilyage is an excellent option if you want to add dimension to your hair. It also works well on dark hair hair. Since darker hair often takes longer to lift, the heat created by the foils can speed up the lightening process. If you're looking for the extra oomph that highlights bring but you're not keen on a chunky or panelled look, foilyage is a fantastic option. It blends the brightness of highlights with the natural flow of balayage, resulting in a timeless, sun-kissed look. 

Your colour technician will analyse your hair and come up with a lightening technique that will create the best results. Whatever technique, or blend of techniques they choose, you'll leave with a look you LOVE. 


Did you know? Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length when wet



Balayage means sweeping in French and remains one of the most popular and fashionable colour options. Your colour technician will hand-paint, or sweep highlights onto the hair, resulting in gorgeous sun-kissed tresses.

Balayage achieves a stunning seamless effect with a natural gradation of colour. It also results in less obvious regrowth than conventional highlights, giving it more of a natural look. There are so many reasons why people adore balayage. It requires little maintenance, making it ideal for those who want stunning hair without the stress of constant touchups.

Balayage works best on mid-length to long hair and is suited to all hair types. Chat with your stylist about blonde balayage, brunette balayage, creative colour balayage, and balayage for afro and textured hair.

Find out more about our balayage services here.



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