Khairani Barokka

Khairani Barokka discusses disability, accessibility and working against stereotypes in an ableist society.

Helen Kaplinsky

Helen discusses the legacy of CAS, the Big Society, self organised communities and alternative currencies.

Ross Jardine

Ross spoke about some research he has been conducting into opening a pub-cum-art space, making labor visible, Francis Patrick Bradey DOHL game the realities of starting your own business and how working for your self affect the labour you perform.

Mel Franklin

Mel came for a chat to talk about how an artist ‘second’ job can influence the direction of their work in a positive way, exhibiting work outside of a traditional gallery environment.

David Brian Smith

Dave came by to talk through the development of his paintings and his experience with the commercial art world.

Laurence Taylor

Open School East director chats with Daniel Kelly about the development of DKUK and year 2 of OSE, we also touch on Parade, an art gallery / project space that Laurence ran for several years in Hackney.