Fay Nicolson

Daniel Kelly chats to artist Fay Nicolson after recently opening her show ‘Sound Before Symbol’ at DKUK.

Gery Georgieva

Gery Georgieva talks us through the quest for self-improvement, the cult of Youtube and other themes in her exhibition ‘Never Be Another You’.

Gerben Willers

Recorded at MAMA, Rotterdam. Gerben Willers is Artistic Director of Roodkapje, a communal living-room, project space & underground laboratory for art, music & food, and former curator of MAMA.

Weronika Zielinska

Recorded at MAMA, Rotterdam. Weronika Zielinska is Interim Programme Leader of Autonomous Practices, WdKA Rotterdam.

Clare Price

Clare Price talks us through her practice as a painter and her recent exhibition ‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted’, DKUK’s first painting show. Available to download and listen via iTunes.

Sam Jacob

Sam Jacob walks us through his exhibition at DKUK which then leads on to a discussion about his career development from FAT architecture, the role of the architect in society, the effect of computers on design, his role in the refit at DKUK in Peckham and exhibitions he has worked on abroad.

Martin Clark

Interview recorded on 17 November at Entree in Bergen, Norway with Bergen Kuntstall director Martin Clark.

Khairani Barokka

Khairani Barokka discusses disability, accessibility and working against stereotypes in an ableist society.

Helen Kaplinsky

Helen discusses the legacy of CAS, the Big Society, self organised communities and alternative currencies.

Ross Jardine

Ross spoke about some research he has been conducting into opening a pub-cum-art space, making labor visible, Francis Patrick Bradey DOHL game the realities of starting your own business and how working for your self affect the labour you perform.