Idi (she/her)

Idi was the first DKUK artist to train as a hairdresser, with 2024 seeing her into her 7th year here! After graduating in art from Central Saint Martins in 2017, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for hairdressing and found DKUK to be the perfect place to combine both strands of creativity. Idi is softly spoken and attentive, with many clients commenting on her gentle touch.

Idi is primarily a cutter in the salon. In 2022 she got a place on and completed a year with The Fellowship’s Project X where she gained more experience in editorial and styling work. Outside of the salon she continues to work in this area including New York and London Fashion Week, photo shoots and films. 

Idi speaks English and has a 'chattiness score' of 2/5.

Specialises In...

Curly hair – Idi has a deep understanding of wavy/curly/textured hair. Whether you’re new to wearing your hair natural or a seasoned pro, Idi will always take the time to understand exactly what it is you want to get from your texture. She can advise you on a suitable routine, what the difference is between allll those different products - creams, gels, mousses - as well as the perfect cut to suit your wants and needs. Over the years Idi has also completed extra courses for heavily textured and afro hair, and enjoys cutting all hair types. (If you are booking in for a cut and have very curly or very thick hair please choose the ‘thick hair’ option as this will allow Idi enough time to properly wash, cut and dry your hair.)

Disconnections and lots of layers – Mullets and shags came back into fashion as Idi was training and they have remained a strong staple in her day to day cutting regime. Idi really loves to cut these styles for their gender neutrality and for the satisfaction of bringing out natural movement in even the straightest of hair. They allow for a lot of detail in face framing and lend themselves to fun disconnections. If you come for this kind of cut with Idi she will be able to guide you towards a shape that’s suitable for you - based on your hair type and how extreme you want the look to feel. Mullets tend to be more drastic whereas a shag cut feels a little like a grown out mullet. In a shag cut your hair will feel much much lighter and textured but more length is maintained throughout the whole cut - both can be as subtle or drastic as you like.


Cutting & Styling  Creative Director
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (most lengths) £87
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (extreme short) £69
Blowdry £52
Blowdry (long hair) £57
Kids Cut (under 14 Mon-Fri) £52

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