Rosa (she/her)

Rosa joined us in 2020 and was the second staff member to complete the DKUK training programme.  She is a keen painter and this painterly eye is applied expertly to her colour work as it is her haircuts.  This experience means she has an uncanny knack for choosing the best hair colour to suit you.

Rosa was born and raised in Telegraph Hill and has built a loyal following in the area. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of new trends and future predictions so if you’re looking for an up-to-the-minute TikTok hair, Rosa is the stylist for you!  Rosa speaks English and has a 'chattiness score' of 1/5.

Specialises In...

Curly hair requires a unique approach to balance moisture levels and shape, meaning the hair will always look smooth and sit just right not only when you leave the salon but every day after that as well!

Balayage transformation requires good freehand painting technique and Rose has years of experience!  Where better to get your balayage than at a salon full of art?  Rosa loves the individual approach and is a dab hand at complementing existing natural tones, to create a bespoke look with endless possibilities and depth of tone.

Gloss and tints are hair treatments designed to enhance and refresh colour. Gloss is a semi-permanent, conditioning formula that adds shine and depth without altering the base colour. It's excellent for maintaining vibrancy between permanent colour applications. Tints, on the other hand, are semi-permanent or temporary colour solutions that subtly alter hair tone. They are ideal for blending grey hair, experimenting with a new shade, or providing a temporary colour boost without long-term commitment.

Babylights and Teezylights are hair colouring techniques that create subtle, natural-looking highlights. Babylights involve fine, delicate strands of colour, mimicking the soft, sun-kissed glow seen in children's hair. Teezylights, on the other hand, blend various tones seamlessly to add depth and dimension, creating a more textured appearance. Rosa can subtly enhance your natural hair colour with her highlighting expertise. 

Creative colour techniques have a massive social media following and Rosa absorbs everything she sees online. She combines this with her creative flair and art school training which means she can create masterpieces on your head just for you.


Cutting & Styling  Advanced Stylist
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (most lengths) £76
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (extreme short) £58
Blowdry £46
Blowdry (long hair) £52
Kids Cut (under 14 Mon-Fri) £41
Hair Colour Technician
Full Head Tint £79
Root Tint £73
Highlights T-Section £90
Highlights Half Head £101
Highlights Full Head  £139
Back to Back Highlights FullHead  £191
Back to Back Highlights HalfHead  £129
Bleach Whole Head (short hair) £143
Bleach Whole Head (mediumhair) £193
Bleach Whole Head (long hair) £220
Bleach Roots (over 6 weeks) £143
Bleach Roots (less than 6weeks) £99
Hair Colour Technician
Balayage £165
Balayage Half Head £125
Balayage with Roots £209
Balayage Transformation  £186
Creative Colouring (shorthair) £44
Creative Colouring (mediumhair) £88
Creative Colouring (long hair) £132
Vivid Toner £44
Bleach Panel £99
Post-Colour Blowdry  £20
Long and Thick Hair Supplement £10

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