Tyler (he/they)

Meet Tyler who has been passionate about creating great hair since the age of 12!

Tyler was already doing their family’s hair, as well as their own, before starting at DKUK. They excelled with their hairdresser training and produced a fantastic stylist test completing 10 models in one day.

We know their process-driven approach to art will be well utilised in their hair styling and colour.  Tyler speaks English and has a 'chattiness score' of 2/5.

Specialises In...

Bleach panel - Solid, statement sections or more natural and blended, this changeable technique can be adapted to match your requirements to suit the individual.

Creative colour - This is where Tyler's feel for hues really shines, be it with bold and bright trransformations or softer pastel tones.

Highlights - A classic that never goes out of fashion is a really nicely done set of modern highlights that lift and brighten more than just your hair.

Cropped hair - Short haircuts can make a huge impact, whether they're classic, clean cuts or on the softer, more textured side. These cuts can be tailored to suit a wide range of face shapes, genders and personalities too.

Bixie - A grow-out short layered shape with plenty of versatility, these types of haircuts balance the lived-in look with modern trends and retro throwbacks. 

Wavy and curly hair – Tyler has an in-depth knowledge of cutting, drying, and styling natural curly and wavy hair to ensure it looks its best.  He can also offer advice on the best products for your hair type and condition so your hair will continue to look great at home or wherever you are!


Cutting & Styling  Stylist
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (most lengths) £65
Wash, Cut and Blowdry (extreme short) £53
Blowdry £41
Blowdry (long hair) £46
Kids Cut (under 14 Mon-Fri) £30
Fringe Trims (only on DKUK haircuts) £10
Hair Colour Technician
Full Head Tint £79
Root Tint £73
Highlights T-Section £90
Highlights Half Head £101
Highlights Full Head  £139
Back to Back Highlights FullHead  £191
Back to Back Highlights HalfHead  £129
Bleach Whole Head (short hair) £143
Bleach Whole Head (mediumhair) £193
Bleach Whole Head (long hair) £220
Bleach Roots (over 6 weeks) £143
Bleach Roots (less than 6weeks) £99
Hair Colour Technician
Balayage £165
Balayage Half Head £125
Balayage with Roots £209
Balayage Transformation  £186
Creative Colouring (shorthair) £44
Creative Colouring (mediumhair) £88
Creative Colouring (long hair) £132
Vivid Toner £44
Bleach Panel £99
Post-Colour Blowdry  £20
Long and Thick Hair Supplement £10

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