Panel discussion and live podcast recording

Join us Monday 17 June, between 7-9pm, for a conversation about the design and use of art spaces.

With: Sam Jacob (architect), Daniel Kelly (director DKUK), Marysia Lewandowska (artist) and Sarah McCrory (director CCA).

Viewing art can be done in many places; out on the street, in the underground, or with us in a bustling hairdressing salon. So what makes museums and galleries, designed specifically for ‘art consumption’ look and act the way they do? What is the ‘idea’ of the gallery in its design and how does it change once life is given to the building by those working within; the artists, exhibition makers and audiences?

These will be some guiding questions in an informal panel discussion and live podcast recording between Sam Jacob, Daniel Kelly, Marysia Lewandowska and Sarah McCrory. Within their work they represent different approaches to the mixing of culture, education and commercial activity that happens in art spaces. There will be the possibility to ask questions and join the conversation. This event rings in the closing week of museum show – an exhibition of hypothetical museums as scale-models, imagined by architects, designers and artists from across Europe upon invitation from Sam Jacob. museum show includes Assemble’s scaled-down ceramic toilet reimagined as a cultural destination with a rooftop swimming pool, a Museum of Geology set deep underground, designed PUP architects and the Museum of Small Architectural Clichés constructed from postcards of architectural landmarks.