What Makes DKUK Special?

In the days of constant social media usage, AI and increasingly sophisticated editing technology, no wonder we are all so self-conscious. Being in front of a mirror can be triggering for most people, as we focus in on our biggest insecurities. Especially for Queer people, who can suffer from gender dysphoria and are far more likely to suffer from imaged-related mental health issues. Don't you think the hairdressers would be much more pleasant experience if we just took away the mirrors? WELL... we have. We are a mirror-free Salon! instead we exhibit artwork.

We make an effort to work with all sorts of artists, and have had the pleasure to partner with many Queer artists such as Marijke De Roover and Sade Mica. You can check out their work on our archive or listen to our podcast where we interview artists while giving them a haircut!

We also have gender-neutral pricing. Hairdressing is still quite a segregated field. But we really don't think that the price of your service should depend on your gender.  Or what if binary gender doesn't fit you at all, we all need our hair cut, but how do you fit into a salon space or even feel welcomed when you are not considered? To avoid any uncomfortable or intrusive questions, we price all our services by the experience of our stylists and the length of your hair. Check out our prices page to get a better idea of how we list our services.

Speaking of gender, we have a pronounce log on our new client form too. We let you fill this in privately and then log your entry on your profile for future references. Feel free to change this whenever you like!

Hopefully all these things make the salon a much more inclusive and welcoming space. So why not book in a cut or colour, in a salon that celebrate and accommodates for queer comfort and JOY!

Check out our team here or book in here!