Salon Hair Dye V Box Dye

Why should you get your hair dyed at the salon rather than at home? Home box dyes contain universal ingredients which means the colour isn't personalised to what you need to achieve your colour goals. For example, box dye that you use at home contains much harsher developers so that all hair types achieve some sort of colour change, when in fact your hair may not need such a high active ingredient to achieve your desired look. This results in damaged hair that has been over-processed. The salon will only use the correct amount of ingredients which are correct for your hair.

Is box dye bad for my hair? Box dye can cause severe reactions for does with sensitive skin or existing allergies. Over time these substances can weaken the hair folic and hinder healthy hair growth. Especially for people with curly hair, box dye will inventible break down your curl pattern Box dye also doesn't leave your hair, so the more you use it the more saturated the hair looks, and the harder it is to get out of your hair.

Why is box dye different from salon dye? In the salon, our dye will always include protective ingredients which help to rebuild the damaged bonds in your hair. For curly hair clients, we can personalise ingredients, products and styling to help rebuild the curl pattern after dying, to maintain healthy, strong curls. Salon colour also adds gloss and shine to your hair without unnecessary over-processing.

How does my colourist know what colour I need? Having a regular colour and building a relationship with your colourist is helpful and important in your hair colour journey. Colourists can record products and colour information that is used to get the exact look you are after. They have also been trained and have a lot of experience with coloured hair. So they can create unique patterns and styles you may not be able to achieve at home. And they will be able to give you personalised and educated advice to make sure your hair remains healthy during the process.

Can I dye my hair in the salon If I have boxed dyed hair? yes but depends on what you want to achieve at the salon. It is impossible to remove box dye without bleach (unless you're willing to grow it out). If you are looking to go lighter and have boxed-dyed hair, you will only be able to do this with a bleaching service. We will always take into consideration the condition of your hair and when working with box dyed hair we will often do a strand test first. This means we cut a small strand go hair for the back of your head and add some colour onto it, to test the condition of the hair. We always recommend Olaplex with all colouring services, to protect the integrity of the hair.

It's important to be honest with your stylist over the history of your hair. For example, how long have you been using box dye, so we know beforehand, what the process looking forward may look like to achieve your desired result? We want to be transparent with what is achievable and will always do what is best for the condition of your hair.

All in all, box dye is accessible and affordable, but it is never going to be the best for your hair and can leave you with some bothersome effects. Going to a regular salon to get your hair dyed will give you a more personalised, safer and relaxing experience.

At DKUK we have senior colourists who can educate, advise and build a knowledge of your preferences and styles.

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