essential info what to expect if i’m having a colour service


All colour services require effort from clients to maintain their hair after today’s service at home. We are dedicated to being transparent; so you can make the right decision for your hair so that it best suits your lifestyle. Please take your time to read it all properly. 

Patch test

We will have to do a patch test 48hrs before todays service


All information regarding your hair condition and previous colour must be discussed for the colourist to make the right decisions to protect your hair. For example, if you have ever used any form of hair colour such as box dyes, previous perms or chemical services, if you swim and frequency of heat products etc. 


Bleach is a corrosive product. This means that it is designed to disintegrate the internal structure of the hair so that the natural colour can be lightened. This can leave it in a very fragile state when lightening the hair. Without taking the correct after care precautions the hair can be prone to snapping months after your appointment. 

Skin testing

There is no skin testing for the bleaching process which means that often bleach on the scalp can cause irritation, redness and itching. And in some rare cases, small sores that reduce after a few days. 

While some irritation may be normal, if you feel more discomfort than a gentle tingling you must make your stylist aware as soon as possible. 

Fade with permanent and semi permanent testing

Vibrant and creative colours will need to be topped up at home so that they look as vibrant as possible until your next appointment. 


Toners for blonde hair services such as highlights and balayage will also need to be topped up in the salon because they will fade. Or the appropriate salon product must be used. Toner will last approximately 6 weeks. 


Some direct colours can stain the hair and may not come out of the hair completely. Direct colours leave a light residue on pretty much everything- watch out for bath robes, pillows and towels. As much as we try to avoid it, hairline staining is very common. 

Shampooing/ Intense conditioning

Your hair will only be protected against ongoing deterioration and excessive colour fade by using premium aftercare. Please be aware that both colour and condition are in jeopardy by using non- professional products.

Protection from disintegration

I understand that to maintain my Olalplex treatment and continue to rebuild my hair, I must use the olaplex no.3 at home. 

Top tips for your best hair!

Replace your conditioner with a hair mask

Most clients need more moisture than a conditioner can give. We recommend replacing conditioner with a hair mask or alternating during washes. 

Reduce heat

We recommend using as little heat as possible in your hair routine. Excessive heat on bleached hair can result in extreme damage. 

Roots every 6 weeks (approx 1cm of regrowth) 

This is not about us getting you back in earlier- but six weeks gives us the perfect space to work in without overlapping or causing bands in your colour. The smaller your root the more heat it gets from the scalp which means it lifts well. This is mostly important for clients who want bright blonde results.  

Have regular Olaplex treatments

Especially when you are preparing to go lighter each time, Olaplex will prepare your hair so it can cope with the battle ahead.